Highly efficient laser welding system with workpiece feed via a shuttle system

The ERLASER® WELD ROBOT Shuttle is ideal for the production of multi-part welded assemblies in a mix of parts in large series with optimized cycle time and high system availability. The system is used, for example, for the production of shift forks, completely replacing 4 existing welding systems. An additional increase in efficiency is gained by integrating an additional laser beam hardening operation. Simultaneous welding of several weld seams on one component significantly reduces welding distortion and offers enormous potential for shortening process times. Straightening operations can be omitted if necessary.


  • Welding cell with up to four welding robots supplied by several laser units
  • Up to four fixtures can be in the workspace at the same time and processed according to defined priority
  • The system recognizes the fixture positioned for welding and selects the appropriate, individual welding program
  • Integrated welding process monitoring for component evaluation
  • Maximum flexibility and productivity even during setup, since only shuttles affected by the setup process need to be taken out of automatic mode
  • Two fixtures per placement station in shuttle mode
  • Optional automation solution for output and further processing of OK and NOK parts
  • Laser-safe welding cell (laser protection class 1) with monitoring by cameras
  • Powerful extraction system with air purification to remove welding emissions
Welding cell with up to four autonomous welding robots
Shuttle with installed fixture
Shuttle system
Optional hardening station for laser beam hardening
Central control panel for controlling and monitoring of all functions
Placement station with touchscreen for operator input

What our customers are saying:

"We are a high-tech company in the field of the development of switching systems and the production of associated components. Our highly automated production systems from ERLAS are an indispensable part of our business model, because the systems, which are characterized by technical finesse, are convincing in terms of maximum robustness, production accuracy and availability while being easy to operate and taking into account current safety standards. ERLAS convinces through know-how and quality and has regularly proven to be a reliable partner in the past - from the creation of the system concept to after-sales service. Recommendable, always gladly again!"

Dr. Bernd Schulze, Senior Manager - New Technologies
KOKI TECHNIK Transmission Systems GmbH

Increase productivity, minimize downtime:

Every second counts in the production of series products. Therefore, we offer our automated protective glass changing station ERLASER® X-Change as an additional expansion stage of your ERLASER® WELD ROBOT Shuttle system. The protective glasses of the welding optics are automatically changed when a measured degree of contamination is reached. Therefore, it is not necessary for a system operator to interrupt the automatic operation of the system and enter the work area.

  • Fully automated protective glass change on robot-guided welding optics
  • Increase in productivity due to elimination of downtimes and change times < 15s
  • Safety for the operator due to an interface integrated in the protective housing
  • Can be retrofitted into existing machines, control connection via ProfiBus and ProfiNet

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