"Innovation is an idea in action."
(Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Quadbeck-Seeger)

The use of laser technologies in production helps in shortening process chains and improvement of performance characteristics respectively as well in functionality as in appearance. Precondition in many cases is a design of the product adapted to laser processing. ERLAS supports customers in product design and definition of single part tolerances to cope with laser processing and achieve the desired results. Feasibility studies and the production of prototypes are the basis of a technical and economical evaluation for using laser technology.

Welding engineers and material specialists support during process development. Not seldom innovative technologies result from close cooperation with customers. Examples are laser beam brazing or process sequences of cutting and welding, which originally have been developed by ERLAS and are meanwhile successfully introduced to industrial production.

The economic use of new production methods is the motivation for planning and realization of customized special machines. ERLAS has long-time experience in machine building. As well mechanical as electrical design, manufacturing of key components and automation technology are done by coworkers of ERLAS.

<strong>ER</strong>LAS Design in processCAD model of a tailor made production line

Manufacture for special purpose machines

ERLAS is partner from the very first idea until its transfer to production technology.

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