Laser engraving:
Precise marking with the latest technology

Laser engraving with the solid-state laser enables efficient marking. In doing so, we achieve high-quality results through color change (oxidation) and/or engraving. Find out more about our laser engraving offer and convince yourself of our excellent service.

Laser engraving with a solid-state laser is characterized by maximum efficiency and optimal results. Our laser engraving service enables perfect quality thanks to the specific choice of process parameters. The high-quality results are achieved either by color change (oxidation) and/or by engraving the surface.

ERLAS offers you optimum results in laser engraving and convinces with:

  • Innovative laser technology
  • Highly trained specialists
  • Individual services
  • Years of experience
  • Exemplary customer service
  • All-round service
  • Wide range of solutions
  • Reliability and punctuality

There are numerous application examples for our laser engraving service:

Individuell beschriftetes Werbegeschenk

Customized inscription for promotional gifts

Lasergraviertes Typenschild einer Industriemaschine
Marking of industrial products with component-specific information
Lasergraviertes Tischschild

Signage design

We offer laser engraving from one-off production to large series processing. Contact us now to find out about the wide range of options we can offer you with laser engraving services.
Anlassfarben die durch Laserbeschriften erreicht werden können

Depending on the material, different technologies are used for laser marking. For metallic materials, laser engraving and thermal annealing are available as variants. Laser engraving requires high pulse energies. This produces a metal vapor that supports material removal. The engraving deepens with the number of repetitions of material removal. A second variant of laser engraving is the controlled removal of a different colored top layer. This laser engraving service is used in particular for marking anodized aluminum.

Thermal annealing, on the other hand, is not based on the removal or melting of the material, but on a chemical reaction. In this process, the heated metal reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere to produce a color that is influenced by the tempering temperature. The color palette ranges from white-yellow (200 °C) to purple (270 °C) to gray (360 °C).

When marking plastic, the result is produced by a thermally induced color change or by melting. ERLAS provides you with an individually configured process according to the materials you want to have marked and the desired result, so that we can fully meet your requirements with laser engraving.

In addition to laser engraving, we offer a wide range of services using the latest laser technologies in our job-shop:

Laser marking with state-of-the-art solid-state laser technology

ERLAS uses state-of-the-art solid-state laser technology for laser marking. This powerful technology enables precise results and customized laser engraving.

By adjusting the process parameters and the ability to place workpieces up to 600 mm high under the optics of the marking laser, laser engraving can produce permanent markings and identification on both precision parts and large assemblies. Almost all materials, especially plastics, organic materials, but also coated and bare metals can be processed with the laser marking method. The versatile applications of laser engraving include functional and technical marking as well as the artistic design of surfaces. In laser marking, materials are ablated, heated or melted. Due to the small track width, we can produce any contours and patterns with laser marking. To do this, we need from you the components to be marked and the marking task in a common data format. You can provide us with the marking task either as a graphic (e.g. jpg, svg, dxf etc.) or as a text file with any font type.

Contact us now to find out personally about the extensive possibilities of laser engraving. We will explain our service and introduce you to the application areas of laser engraving. You can also send an inquiry directly to our sales staff. If possible, please attach a relevant technical drawing.

Would you like to learn more about ERLAS? We have compiled interesting information in the section about us.

Lasergravur von Desinfektionsspendern

The laser beam marking convinces with extensive setting options:

  • Average power: up to 50 watts
  • Peak pulse power: up to 500 kilowatts
  • Pulse times: 3 to 200 nanoseconds
  • Smallest track width: 0.05 mm
  • Size of the engraving area: 120 mm x 120 mm

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