Wobble-capable, modular processing optics for a variety of different laser applications

Welding, Hardening and Cladding Icons


The ERHEAD Variospot 25 laser processing optics, created in a government-funded development project, impresses with its modular design. The base module is combined with an optics module, optionally a single module or a rotor module. With the single module, the spot geometries to be imaged are varied by simply changing the respective mirrors manually; with the rotor module, the mirrors are changed automatically. The desired technology is realized by automatically dockable units, the so-called tech modules.

VARIOSPOT Module Diagram

Depending on the application, either a single module (one deflection mirror mounted on a carrier plate) or a rotor module (four different deflection mirrors mounted on a focusing mirror turret) is manually joined to an aluminum base body (base module). The single module is recommended for a process that can be mapped with a constant spot geometry, e.g. for series production of identical parts. If necessary, the mirror carrier plate can be exchanged manually in order to image a correspondingly different spot geometry for another application with a different deflection mirror. The four deflection mirrors within the rotor module allow images to be changed automatically. Depending on the technology to be applied, the corresponding tech modules for hardening, welding, cladding or measuring, are automatically docked, while the modules not required are parked in a module station.

VARIOSPOT 25 with Cladding module


  • Compact as well as modular design
  • Flexible applicable for different technologies
  • Automatic docking of the respective required tech modules
  • Rotor module with four pre-installed deflection mirrors for automatic selection of spot geometry as well as additional variation of beam imaging thanks to oscillating function with up to 200 Hz
  • Protective glass monitoring
  • Monitoring options (e.g. temperature monitoring against overheating)
  • Digital pyrometer with extended range for temperature measurement (600°C - 2300°C), which is also suitable for welding processes
  • Direct on-process temperature control for hardening and cladding by a PID controller integrated in the pyrometer
  • Integrated sensor for detecting possible powder congestions in the distributor
  • Automatic identification of the respective tool via RFID chip to avoid errors during automatic changeover
  • Flexibly retrofittable due to modular design when expanding the application portfolio.

Advantages of using the ERHEAD VARIOSPOT 25 compared to the previous model

The compact design allows better accessibility to the component to be machined. Automatic technology changeover (without direct intervention) leads to reduced setup times with less potential for errors by operating personnel, shorter changeover times lead to higher system availability.

High process reliability through maximum possible digital monitoring of all critical influencing variables (protective glass, temperature sensors). The space-saving, innovative system can be adapted to almost any guiding machine, such as a cartesian axis system or even an articulated arm robot. The ERHEAD VARIOSPOT 25 can be integrated into existing plant technology at low overall investment costs and with the greatest possible application flexibility.

VARIOSPOT 25 with Hardening and Welding module
Hardening / Welding
VARIOSPOT 25 with Cladding module
VARIOSPOT 25 with Meauring module
Tech modules in the module station, Setup takes place automatically

Tech modules in the module station,
Setup takes place automatically

Cladding on a deep drawing die

Cladding on a deep drawing die

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