Especially for complex welding tasks!

The ERLASER® WELD ROBOT has been designed for welding of small and medium sized assemblies with fiber guided laser sources. The multi-axes hybrid kinematics enables welding of many seams in one production step. Unloading of finished assemblies and new part feeding in parallel to primary processing time is possible through two work stations and special safety equipment. Software tools and plug-in interfaces minimize set-up times when products change. A strong sub-construction simplifies the transport of the cell and guarantees a permanent high processing quality.

<strong>ER</strong>LAS GmbH Erlangen, Project: ABB laser beam welding, Welding cellCAD model of a <strong>ER</strong>LASER<sup>®</sup> WELD ROBOT  laser welding cell with rotary table and vertical axis for work piece movement

<strong>ER</strong>LAS GmbH Erlangen, Project: KOKI laser beam welding, Welding cell

Special features of the system technology are

  • all-round processing enabled by rotary and tilting axes for work piece movement
  • high productivity through parallel loading in second work station
  • easy operation via user-friendly interface including programming and administration of jigs
  • individual-related operating modes and rights of use by RFID chip technology
  • auxiliary tools for fast set up of machine, e.g. dual cross line cam and visible laser for adjusting the laser beam
  • a powerful exhaust of emissions
  • the classification as class 1 laser independent of power and type of integrated laser source

Laser beam weld process with hybrid kinematics for the superimposed movement of laser beam head and fixed assemblyIndividually designed user interface for camera-supported positioning of weld seams

Using a vertically articulated robot as guiding machine guarantees a maximum in flexibility by means of application. The fast turning table is a proper interface as well for manual as automated loading of the fixtures. The safety cabin is a proprietary development and can be modified on customer´s wish, e.g. for access control via light barriers or rapid action door.

A selection of assemblies produced today with ERLASER® WELD ROBOT are column jackets, gear shift controllers, gear shift forks, pump wheels, clutch parts, exhaust valve parts and locking sleeves with up to 26 weld seams.

Laser welded bearing seatLaser welded gear shift fork: 6 single parts, 12 weld seams

Laser welded gear shift controller: 7 single parts, 12 weld seams

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