One machine - two technologies.

The ERLASER® HARD+CLAD systems result from longtime fundamental research at University and user´s experience in tool shops for automotive industry. Acquired process knowledge of both technologies laser hardening and laser cladding has been considered by ERLAS during configuration of the system components. Easy operating of the machine was the main objective. The operator´s input is the desired result like hardening depth or height of cladding layer for a specific material. The necessary process parameters, as e.g. surface temperature or powder feed rate, are available in the data base and set automatically. Martensitic transformation hardening of iron base alloys produces depending on the carbon content hardness values in a range from 57 HRC to 60 HRC.

Laser beam hardening and cladding system <strong>ER</strong>LASER<sup>®</sup> HARD+CLAD

Special features of the system technology are

  • process capable for lot size 1 due to technological data base and temperature controlled processing

LaserBeam Hardening: Operator´s interface of <strong>ER</strong>LASER<sup>®</sup> HARD: Selection of material, track width and case depthControlled Laser Beam Hardening: Visualisation of temperature controlled processing

  • short set-up times for changes in technology because of quick connectors for optics and powder feeder and automatic checking of components

Setup states of the processing head - Cladding / Hardening / Measuring

Fast setting-up: exchange of focusing optics

  • flexibility to application: hardenable track widths from 5 mm to 60 mm, height of cladding layer from 0.2 mm to 2 mm
  • easy and economic job preparation due to offline programming with Toplas 3D and collision check.

Offline programming with Toplas 3D

ERLAS uses proprietary developments to realize systems which are adapted to the special needs of the customer. All kinds of fiber guided lasers with a power up to 10 kW can be used for the processing head. The standard machine is equipped with a vertically articulated robots with a working radius of 3 meters. By setting the robot on a linear axis or by a novel six-axes gantry solution the work volume can be enlarged up to 7 x 4 x 1.2 m3.

6 axes gantry system for laser beam hardening and cladding Processing head with two rotating axes and one tilting axis

Control center of <strong>ER</strong>LASER<sup>®</sup> HARD+CLAD gantry system

The modular set up of the systems allow to start with laser hardening only (ERLASER® HARD) or laser cladding only (ERLASER® CLAD) or with both technologies from the beginning.

Laser hardening is applied locally to improve the wear resistance of tools e.g. at edges of cutting tools, radii of draw beads or on sliding surfaces.

Laser hardening of a cutting edgeLaser hardened cutting edge

Laser cladding is useful for the near net shape modification of tools or repair operations.

Repair welding of the closing edge of a injection mouldModification of a mould for pumpers

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