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The ERLASER® BRAZE system technology has its origin in collective research work of university institutes and automotive industry and was applied for the first time in 1998 at Audi TT model. Today it is state of the art to use laser brazing for body-in-white production, whenever joints with high strength, corrosion resistance and optimum optical appearance are needed.

ERLAS sets the focus on challenging tasks with3D tracks. The novel dual beam technology rises the process efficiency again by factor two. ERLASER® machines are turnkey ready including clamping and process installation.

Detailed interior view of a <strong>ER</strong>LASER<sup>®</sup> BRAZE systemInterior view of a <strong>ER</strong>LASER<sup>®</sup> BRAZE system

Features of the system technology are:

  • maximum flexibility in applicability due to 6-axis-robot

<strong>ER</strong>LASER<sup>®</sup> BRAZE processing head and guidance of media at robot

  • technology-oriented processing heads with integrated wire feeder
  • sensor system for processing of complicated seam tracks
  • monitoring of the machine and the process parameters to guarantee class A seam quality
  • automatic, self-controlled clamping system with water-cooled jigs and high closing force
  • offline programming with TOPLAS 3D.

ERLAS offers two types of processing heads and additional equipment:

  • mono beam head with off-axis wire feeding and patented beam adjustment
  • dual beam head with perpendicular to the work piece oriented wire feeding and patented beam guidance

Dual beam head with perpendicular wire feeding and patented solutions for beam guidance and beam adjustment.

  • tactile seam detection for in-process-application
  • sensor head for automated generation of optimized robot programs with trajectory errors below 0.1 mm
  • docking station for the exchange of processing head and sensor head.

Realized applications can be found in body in white production and at hang on parts, e.g. tailgates, trunk lids, doors and hoods.

Laser beam brazing of a trunk lidTrunk lid joint by laser beam brazing

Detail view on a laser brazed seamCombined macro-cross section presentation of a fillet seam

Cross section of a laser brazed fillet seam

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