The foundation of ERLAS was laid by the establishment of an application lab for laser technology at the Erlangen-Nuremberg University by the Bavarian ministry of economics in 1987. The purpose of this newly-founded institution was to transfer the comprehensive know-how acquired on laser-assisted manufacturing technologies, such as laser beam cutting, welding and hardening, to industrial production. Under direction of Dr. Peter Hoffmann it was transformed into a non-profit-making research company BLZ Bayerisches Laserzentrum gGmbH in 1992 of which he was the managing director until 1998. Eventually these process and system technologies, which have been refined with a focus on technical and economic benefits, formed the basis for the foundation of a profit-oriented company in 1998, the ERLAS – Erlanger Lasertechnik GmbH.

1998  Incorporation of ERLAS Erlanger Lasertechnik GmbH, 17 co-workers
2000 ERLAS is the worldwide first user of high power diode lasers for material processing
Presentation of the first ERLASER® HARD machine on the exhibition METAV in Düsseldorf
Introduction of QM system according to DIN EN ISO 9001
2001 Product launch of laser brazing system ERLASER® BRAZE
Dr. Peter Hoffmann receives the award for one of the most successful incorporations by the chamber of commerce
2002 Dr. Peter Hoffmann is nominated as champion of founders in Baveria
2003 Delivery of first laser welding system ERLASER® WELD to automotive industry
2004 First ERLASER® WELD machine to China
2005 First ERLASER® HARD machine to Brasilia
2006 Incorporation of ERLAS Vizcaya Lasertec S.L. in Spain
2007 Appointment of Dr. Peter Hoffmann to a honorary professor of university Erlangen-Nuremberg
Move to new premises in Erlangen
2008 Approval as supplier for rail car building
2009 turn over > 10 Mio. €
2010 Development of laser welding systems ERLASER® WELD SCAN
ERLAS grows up over 100 co-workers
2011 Shipment of first large scale production line for automated laser welding, ERLASER® WELD SCAN and AUTOMATION, to the U.S.
2012 Delivery of further large-scale production line, ERLASER® WELD SCAN and AUTOMATION, within Germany
2013 Enlargement of international business with large scale ERLASER® production lines for customers in Hungary, Mexico and China
2014 ERLAS builds 4 plants for BMW AG
2015 Introduction of a new type of tool machine, ERLASER® Universal; High investments in own machinery
2016 Delivery of third, identical ERLASER® WELD SCAN production line; ERLAS sells several ERLASER®HARD+CLAD systems; Introduction of an ERP-Data-Management-System
2017 Market introduction of the plant type ERLASER® UNIVERSAL
2018 Internal restructuring enlarges the marketing and sales department in order to respond more effectively to the needs of the customer in the future
2019 Market entry in Japan


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